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5 Essential Elk Hunting Accessories

5 Essential Elk Hunting Accessories

Mossy Oak Mountain Country

Made out West, this pattern features 3-­D Rocky Mountain alpines, conifers, sagebrush and rock, perfect for blending in when a big bull is close. The gray and green tones break up hard lines, and the natural elements found in the pattern are inspired solely by the mountains.


Badlands Vario

Badlands has a reputation for bad ass packs, and no matter how you hunt, the Vario adapts. Available in four options (Frame, Day, 33 and 50), this pack can be used simply for hauling meat or hold all the gear you need to pack in with 5,200-­cubic inches of room in the 50. Each Vario pack attaches with the frame, so when you’re making multiple trips to and from base camp after shooting a bull, you can ditch the pack and load up more meat. The system is also designed so you can carry a full pack and a full meat bag.

$300-­$500 |


Rinehart 18-­1

Guaranteed to hold up for a full year, you can shoot at 18 different zones made from “self-­healing “ foam that can take many arrows without losing its shape or integrity. Lightweight, the carry handle is covenant so you can take it to the range or throw it out in the backyard and shoot off the deck.

$160 |


Danner Alsea

As burly as the Pacific Northwest, the all-­terrain Alsea gets its name from an Oregon hunting unit with diverse country, from mountains to valleys, river and ocean. It features Gore-­Tex waterproof (but breathable) protection and Primaloft insulation to keep your feet warm. The Plyolite midsole and ultra-­grip traction keep you from slipping on wet rock and slick mud.

$180-­$190 |


Danner Wayfinder

Some of the hardest-­driving hunters put the Wayfinder through its paces last fall across the West chasing bulls. Built for women, this boot is sleek and stealthy, and the waterproof lining and optional 400G Thinsulate keep feet warm and dry. The midsole is cushy, so you can focus on elk, and not sore feet. Supreme grip and traction on the outsole lets you tackle diverse terrain.

$140-­$150 |

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