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6 Elk Hunting Rifles to Consider

NAE Photo 6 Elk Hunting Rifles to Consider

Check out these 6 hunting rifles all elk hunters should consider in 2019.

Kimber Mountain Ascent

Meet your last gun. With the advances in technology it’s no longer necessary to tote a heavy-­barreled rifle into the backcountry to ensure accuracy. The Mountain Ascent is a real , controlled feed bolt gun, available in all the best calibers (.300 Win...and you know, the rest), and just 6.7 pounds with a sub MOA performance guarantee, three piston wing safety and match-­grade trigger, chamber and barrel. It’s outfitted in Optifade Subalpine, plus the reinforced carbon-­fiber stocks add strength and stainless-­steel shrugs the elements.

$2,082 |


Kimber Open Country

With careful shot placement the 6.5 Creedmoor will get it done at reasonable ranges, but we’d give the nod to the venerable .308 in this fine bolt gun for Mr. Wapiti that comes in just under 7 pounds. The deep fluted heavy barrel offers supreme accuracy, and the match trigger is adjustable. A custom carbon-­fiber stock has pillar bedding, and the rifle is coated with Optifade’s Open Country pattern.

$2,269 |


Browning X-­Bolt Pro Tungsten

Labeled a “semi-­custom” rifle, Browning has earned a formidable reputation for accuracy. The X-­Bolt in 6.5 Creedmoor was built with a carbon-­fiber stock, making it lightweight but rigid enough to withstand tough mountain environs. The stock is also filled with a noise-­ and vibration-­reducing foam. Its stainless-­steel receiver has a cerakote tungsten finish, and is drilled and tapped for scope mounts. Just 6.1 pounds, this bolt gun has a four-­round magazine capacity and an 8” twist rate.

$2,070 |


Browning X-­Bolt Hell’s Canyon Speed

Expect accuracy out of the box from the Hell’s Canyon Speed, available in a variety of elk calibers. The action and stiff, fluted barrel are bedded and free-­floated to ensure consistency. A removable muzzle brake and Inflex recoil pad dampen felt recoil on this 6.8-­pound gun. Barrel length is 23” and the twist rate is 1:10 in the .300 WSM.

$1,270 |


Winchester Model 70 SS

Like all of today’s Model 70s, this Extreme Weather version features the Pre’-­64 type claw extractor with controlled round feeding so the cartridge may be easily withdrawn from the chamber at any point after it leaves the magazine. A three-­position safety offers a middle position that locks the firing pin yet still allows the bolt to be operated for loading or clearing. Proven Bell and Carlson stocks add the custom touch for a better feel and trimmed-­up, lightweight ergonomics.

$1,380 (.300 Win) |


Winchester XPR

We love this gun. ELK Editor Skip Knowles flattened a monster cinnamon bear with his in June at well over 300 yards with one shot in British Columbia (.300 Winchester Long Range ammo). Taking proven concepts from the Model 70, the XPR is less than half the price, a tremendous value for those saving to head west. A nice-handling gun with an advanced polymer stock, it’s built for superior grip in wet conditions and will stand up to abuse while getting into shooting position. The matte blued finish is tough and non-­reflective, and a detachable box magazine is convenient.

$550 (.308 Win) |

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