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7 Optics Options for Elk Hunters

NAE Photo 7 Optics Options for Elk Hunters

Leupold VX-­5HD Riflescope

Leupold stands by their product like no other and you can expect crisp, clear views through the 3-­15x44 scope from first to last light, thanks to the Twilight Max HD system. A secure locking dial is calibrated to your rifle and load using Leupold’s custom dial technology. Multiple reticles are available with this model.

$1,170 |


Leupold SX-­5 Santiam Spotting Scope

Available in both straight and angled models, the SX-­5 HD 27-­55x80mm has a generous eyepiece for premium edge-­to-­edge clarity with some of the best sharpness and definition you can find. The multi-­coated lens eliminates color aberration and distortion throughout the entire magnification range. A scratch-­resistant lens and water-­shedding coating ensure a clear view.

$2,340 |


Zeiss Victory RF 10x42

Sure, they look like awesome clear compact binos ideal for daytime use from one of the best German manufacturers. But what you are actually looking at is a rangefinding ballistics computer with Bluetooth synchronization to remove all of the guesswork out of holdover at about any distance you can steady your muzzle. Temperature, air pressure, the Zeiss app calculates it all, so if you blow the shot, mister, with the Victory RF 10x42s, it’s on you! Can’t say “musta been a screw loose in the buttplate” like Eichler tries to solace clients after a whiff. Target distance is good to 2,300 meters, though we hope you can stalk closer than that.

$3,000 |


Trijicon 4-­16x50 AccuPoint

Built around an advanced fiber-­optic and tritium illuminated reticle so shooters can acquire and target elk faster, the 4-­16x50 riflescope uses a battery-­free dual-­illumination system that automatically adjusts the aiming-­point brightness to existing lighting conditions. Shooters can also easily control the brightness of the reticle with Trijicon’s unique manual brightness override feature. An aircraft-­quality, hard-­anodized aluminum body offers protection in any weather conditions, and the 30mm tube is compatible with a range of mounting options.

$1,399 |


Trijicon 4.5-­30x56 AccuPower

Available with either a first or second focal plane reticle, the first focal plane reticles provide fast target placement and a wind hold dot system, while the uncluttered second focal plane milling reticles help shooters range targets with pinpoint precision. Windage and elevation adjusters are ultra-­precise with a Return to Zero elevation control. One hundred MOA of elevation and 50 MOA of windage adjustment range affords hunters the freedom to dial-­in on longer shots.

$2,675 |


Burris Eliminator III

Eliminate the guesswork of shot placement with this optic, which uses pinpoint laser rangefinding and trajectory compensation for the exact ammo in your rifle. The Eliminator determines distance to the target, factors trajectory and illuminates the perfect holdover, so you won’t go home empty-­handed, unless a mountain lion jumps your bull just as you pull the trigger. Available in a 4-­16x50 or 3-­12x44, it is capable of shooting to 1,200 yards, much farther than you should ever want to try shooting an elk.

$1,559-­$2,039 |


Burris HD Binoculars

You will spend far more time on the binos than your scope, and great glass is a guide’s best friend. These performance lenses and BaK prisms produce sharper images and phenomenal clarity. Try them in 8x42, 10x42 or 12x50.

$455-­$479 |

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