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Potential Record-breaking 429-plus Bull Elk Arrowed

A typical elk, taken on Sept. 10 in Montana, has the potential to top the current Pope & Young world's record. The elk has a reported gross green score of 444 7/8 inches and a net green score of 429 6/8 inches. (Photo courtesy of Boone and Crockett)

A bowhunter reportedly tagged a monster bull elk on Sept. 10 while solo bowhunting in Montana; the early green scores from this potential Pope & Young archery world's record typical bull is a staggering 444 7/8 inches gross and 429 6/8 inches net

When the month of September rolls around, I always get a little curious to see when the first Internet reports of a potential world’s record elk, mule deer, pronghorn antelope or whitetail will surface on the Internet.

Why? Because late August and early September is when Western big game hunting seasons begin in earnest, not to mention a few early bowhunting and muzzleloader seasons for whitetails in scattered portions of the country.

Given the speed at which news – and rumors – can fly now across both the Internet and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, and it is little surprise big buck or bull news that used to take...

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