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Small in Numbers, Nebraska's Elk Herd Giving Resident Hunters Nice Quality

Thanks to a reminder from hunting pal Rob Muirhead, archer John Rickard had plenty to smile about on the second day of the Cornhusker State archery elk season as he tagged this huge bull with landowner agent John Ryan. (Photo courtesy of John Rickard)

In Nebraska's surprisingly steep country in the northwestern corner of the state, elk numbers have been slowly growing, and that's good news for resident hunters lucky enough to draw a once-in-a-lifetime bull elk tag

While Nebraska is rarely thought of as a prime state to chase big elk in – nearby Colorado leads the pack with more than 250,000 elk while Arizona, Montana, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming often lead the way for huge trophy bulls – the Cornhusker State is actually a surprisingly good place to chase wapiti.

Naturally finding their way back into the state in the 1960s from nearby South Dakota and Wyoming herds, the first modern elk season was held in Nebraska in 1986 according to a variety of published reports.

One of those, an online report written by outdoor writer Larry Porter earlier this year in the

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