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Two New Elk Top Oklahoma's Cy Curtis Record Book

Jerry Jaynes' nontypical elk was recognized as the state record June 14, 2016, with a score of 325 7/8. (Jerry Jaynes photo)

New candidates for typical and nontypical elk were submitted for record scoring and placement with Oklahoma's Cy Curtis Awards program

Tuesday, June 14, 2016, proved to be a record-setting day at the Oklahoma Wildlife Department's Northeast Region Office near Porter. That's the day two hunters from Muskogee had their elk antlers scored, and they each ended the day as state-record holders.

Oklahoma's Cy Curtis Awards Program has recognized the racks as the new state-record typical elk and the first state-record nontypical elk.

Bob Hamlin is the owner of the new typical elk record, which scored 338 4/8 when measured by official scorer Russell Perry, a wildlife biologist for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. Hamlin's elk scored about six points more than the previous record of 332 1/8 held by...

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